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A no-loom method to create a dense cloth

Setting up a Finger
Weaving Project

Basic Finger Weaving Method

Finishing a Finger
Weaving Project

How to Twist a Fringe

Advanced Finger Weaving


An ancient braiding method that gives you TWO rows of very elastic cloth for every one row worked

Introduction to Sprang

Cleveland Project Tunic

George Washingtion Sash Project

Figure 8 Warp Setup

Figure 8 Checking

Interlinking Weaving 1

Interlinking Weaving 2

Intro to Circular Warp

Circular Setup 1

Circular Setup 2

Circular Working 1

Circular Working 2

The pick-up and drop-off method to squeeze in the last few rows on a flat warp piece.

How to chain across at the middle, securing the work.

Sewing up sprang, an invisible seam technique

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