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A no-loom method to create a dense cloth

Setting up a Finger
Weaving Project

Basic Finger Weaving Method

Finishing a Finger
Weaving Project

How to Twist a Fringe

Advanced Finger Weaving


An ancient braiding method that gives you TWO rows of very elastic cloth for every one row worked

Introduction to Sprang

Sprang Lace

Twining 1

Twining 2

Braddock-Washington Sash Replica

Cleveland Project Tunic

George Washingtion Sash Project

Figure 8 Warp Setup

Figure 8 Checking

Interlinking Weaving 1

Interlinking Weaving 2

Intro to Circular Warp

Circular Setup 1

Circular Setup 2

Circular Working 1

Circular Working 2

The pick-up and drop-off method to squeeze in the last few rows on a flat warp piece.

How to chain across at the middle, securing the work.

Sewing up sprang, an invisible seam technique

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